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Having a record of students’ observations and assessments to show their development and progress over time is really useful for teachers when planning and delivering their lessons.

Being able to draw on this data to create a range of reports helps teachers and school leaders gain an accurate picture of a student, class, year group or the whole school. This way, learning gaps are highlighted, allowing teachers to plan to address them and/or see where additional support may be needed.

ReallySchool allows staff to create the following reports, quickly and easily:

  • Class Attainment – This shows the number of observations captured per assessment point for each child in the class, to see where more attention is required.
  • Class Progress – Easily monitor class progress by seeing at a glance how students’ attainment has changed over time in each learning area.
  • Student Progress – Quickly assess individual student progress, view their change in attainment over time and spot learning gaps to be addressed.
  • Student Attainment – This shows the number of statements a student has achieved in comparison to the total, as well as a list of the specific statements they have achieved.
  • Baseline Assessments – Set the students’ age bands for each learning area and access specific base line reports for a class or individual student.
  • End of KS1 and KS2 Assessment – View reports showing which pupils are working towards, expected, or working at greater depth in their core subjects.
  • Whole School Attainment – For senior leaders to easily monitor attainment in each year group.
  • SOAP Reports – Leaders can view end of key stage attainment for an academic year in comparison to the national average for each key stage.

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