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Did you know that ReallySchool now helps support the continuation of learning at home?

As remote learning becomes part of the new norm within education and is crucial to maintaining a learning routine, schools will need to adapt to it to maintain learning outcomes during these unsettled times. For younger pupils, staying connected to their teachers is so important for their mental health and development, and for teachers, trying to minimise learning gaps is made much harder when pupils are physically distanced at home.

ReallySchool helps schools, parents and pupils with all these things. If a school closes for a period of time, with ReallySchool, learning can carry on at home. Teachers can share remote learning activities with parents (using videos, photos, audio clips and notes to demonstrate how to complete activities). In turn, parents can send what their child has achieved back to the teacher to review and assess – as well as add any comments or feedback about their out-of-school achievements. ReallySchool’s handy notification system ensures both parents and teachers are alerted to comments and updates, meaning nothing gets missed and parents and children are always fully supported.

Now, children and parents can maintain that important communication with the teacher and parents can feel supported as they help their child to learn at home.