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Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users (across multiple sites and even those working remotely) that are guaranteed to grab attention.

In its latest version (5) new features and enhancements have been added to support more platforms, users, customisations and much more, helping make desktop alerting and mass communication even more effective.

In addition to a completely refreshed user interface, NetSupport notify now allows notifications to be sent to 10,000 users and via IP ranges – handy for organisations with dispersed networks.

To help ensure alerts are read and acknowledged quicker, saving precious time, NetSupport Notify also allows senders to choose the size of the alert and the position that it appears on the recipients’ screens, allowing them to adjust the level of impact the alert has. Plus, when sending a ‘Full Screen’ alert, an ‘OK’ button can be displayed instead of the timeout function. This allows the recipient to not only confirm they have received and read the alert (rather than the sender assuming they have), but to dismiss the message immediately once seen, helping to quicken the response time.

Meanwhile, an enhanced History list where alerts can be pinned to the top, makes them even easier to find at a later date, and more customisations make it fit seamlessly within organisations and their needs.

Lastly, two new message types have been added (Health and Security) to help organisations further prioritise messages that may contain relevant information. For example, for a ‘Health’ related message, it may remind users to use hand sanitiser or to maintain social distancing.

To find out more about NetSupport Notify v5, click here.