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Today (Wednesday 16th September) is National Teaching Assistants’ day! It recognises the valuable contribution teaching assistants make to the education and support of school children across the UK.

Here at NetSupport we appreciate the effort teaching assistants bring to every lesson, and that’s why we offer the NetSupport School Tutor Assistant app, an extension to the traditional desktop tutor application. Delivering the freedom for a TA to move around the classroom while still being able to monitor and interact with students, the app also allows the blanking of screens, locking of keyboards/mice and activity monitoring, as well as internet and application metering – providing full control of the classroom when necessary.

Moreover, our primary observations and assessment solution, ReallySchool, allows teaching assistants to gather evidence and capture observations while the teacher focuses on delivering the lesson. Whether through video, audio or simple notes, the teaching assistant can catch developments from individual students, ready for them to look back on at the end of the day with the teacher to accurately assess progress.

The ReallySchool team had a recent discussion with Lottie Slack-Humphrey, a teaching assistant from Hampton Lakes Primary School in Peterborough. In this discussion, Lottie was asked about the main benefits of ReallySchool in her role as a TA. She explained: “It’s so quick and easy, so you don’t have to try to remember the observations once the children have left or when you’re having lunch! Instead, you can still have the conversation with the child, whilst quickly popping it on to ReallySchool. And because the video and audio quality are so good, you don’t really need to write much about it. Linking to the areas of learning is so quick and easy – then you know you’ve got those observations and can refer back to them. That’s really good.”

Read more about the Tutor Assistant App here, and more about ReallySchool here!