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No school expected to be plunged so quickly into remote learning, with teachers and students separated from their peers and all learning from home. The learning curve has been steep – and it is ongoing.

Unlike a class environment where students can get support from each other and check things with their classmates, remote learning means that they suddenly need to become more self-reliant and proactive with their online questions to the teacher if they need clarification. This is a huge change and one that risks the students simply ‘tuning out’ if they don’t understand.

Recently, Sec-Ed Magazine published an article, written by us at NetSupport, covering exactly that topic. The article explores a few ideas based around making remote learning work, including how it differs from what we previously knew as ‘normal’, why teaching comes first, the digital divide and much more. Here is a sneak peek you can expect from the full version: “A sense of connection is important for students’ continued motivation and engagement… Remote learning isn’t a natural or ideal scenario for either students or teachers. But with the pandemic rumbling on and on, it’s one many will need to adapt to and embrace”.

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