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Celebrated annually on the 6th September, National Read a Book Day is an annual awareness day that encourages all of us to take a break and get reading, either curled up on the sofa or aloud to family and friends. The aim of the day isn’t about completing a whole story from cover to cover, but to engage in some aspect of reading however you can – this may be visiting the library, reading to children or learning something new.

Our primary observation and assessment solution, ReallySchool, helps both teachers and parents in monitoring the progression of a child’s reading throughout EYFS and KS1. With the ability to upload images, videos and audio clips, teachers can share with parents evidence of students’ reading, as well as recording the books they’ve read. If the child is progressing well and trying hard, badges can be given as a reward – also for parents to see.

To encourage learning at home, teachers can set learning activities, (for example reading a short story), for students to complete out of school. Once these activities are in motion or completed, a parent can post evidence back to the teacher through their own version of the app, leaving the teacher the opportunity to log the information, comment or leave some feedback.

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