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A better way to capture EYFS and Primary students’ learning journeys and support home learning

ReallySchool, the award-winning app and online portal that helps teachers and TAs complete student observations and assessments quickly and effectively, now includes extra features to boost parental engagement and support the continuation of learning at home – in addition to extra school benefits!

As remote learning becomes part of the new norm within education and is crucial to maintaining a learning routine, schools will need to adapt to it to maintain learning outcomes during these unsettled times. For younger pupils, staying connected to their teachers is so important for their mental health and development, and for teachers, trying to minimise learning gaps is made much harder when pupils are physically distanced at home.

ReallySchool helps schools, parents and pupils with all these things. If a school closes for a period of time, with ReallySchool, learning can carry on at home. Teachers can share remote learning activities with parents (using videos, photos, audio clips and notes to demonstrate how to complete activities). In turn, parents can send what their child has achieved back to the teacher to review and assess – as well as add any comments or feedback about their out-of-school achievements. ReallySchool’s handy notification system ensures both parents and teachers are alerted to comments and updates, meaning nothing gets missed and parents and children are always fully supported.

In addition to supporting remote learning, ReallySchool also has several new features to keep schools up to date, while making it even easier to use, more flexible and time-efficient.

For schools trialling the EYFS 2020 assessment framework ahead of its introduction in 2021, this is now available to add to observations from ReallySchool’s in-built list. It includes the new changes to the statutory guidance, as well as the age-banded statements from Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage, to help teachers track development over time.

Meanwhile, the observations process is further streamlined by including the ability for teachers to be able to post, save or remove multiple observations at once, as well as easily viewing reports and observations from previous academic years to better support planning. Better yet, schools can now identify any learning gaps between Autumn and Summer born pupils and monitor any potential impact their age may be having on their skills acquisition by viewing the age of the pupil within the observation at the time it was added.

Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport, comments on the new features:

“The new update to ReallySchool brings with it key benefits for schools, teachers, parents and pupils. Providing a sense of learning continuity for our youngest pupils as they switch between school and home is crucial, not just for their skills acquisition, but also their wellbeing, so introducing this new functionality into ReallySchool to help teachers look after both is essential at this time. Now, children and parents can maintain that important communication with the teacher and parents can feel supported as they help their child to learn at home. To complement this, by adding the new EYFS 2020 assessment framework and reporting tools to identify any learning gaps between Autumn and Summer born pupils, schools will be able to tailor their support accordingly and ensure that no pupils get left behind.”

To learn more about ReallySchool, visit: https://www.reallyschool.com