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Maintaining high levels of security is important for any organisation but it’s not always easy. With many employees across the UK still working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, security remains high on employers’ agendas.

For those employers who have never had staff working remotely before, the changes can be hard enough, without extra security concerns. According to research from Capita in 2019, nine out of ten workers think security is their employer’s responsibility when working from home. This simply adds to already-existing concerns over security.

Helping employers to boost their organisation’s security is NetSupport Manager, our award-winning remote control solution, that is recognised for delivering the most secure remote control available over the last 31 years.

The latest version continues to expand our security from activity logs and user acknowledgement to 256-bit encryption, smartcard support, AD integration and much more. You can record and replay remote sessions for audit purposes – and even profile individual Control users and Client workstations to provide different security levels and capabilities.

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