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In the third chapter of the Big Education Debate – Part 4, the panellists discuss the reactions and responses from educators and the wider education industry to recent events.

The key speakers in this chapter include Al Kingsley, MD of NetSupport and Chair of two MATs; Caroline Wright, Director General of BESA; Mark Anderson, Director of ICT Evangelist and former SLT; Martin Baker, CEO of One Team Logic (the makers of ‘MyConcern’); Bukky Yusuf, Co-Chair of the DfE EdTech Leadership Group; and the host for the debate, Russell Prue, experienced radio broadcaster and driving force behind school radio company, Anderton Tiger.

Some of the key points raised during the discussion include the value of educators, the relationship between educators and technology vendors, learning within the community, student mental health and wellbeing, COVID-19, continuing with lessons learnt post-pandemic – and so much more! To watch the full chapter, click here.