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Recent events (COVID-19) have impacted the entire education sector, from the way we teach, the tools needed and our communication methods – as well as highlighting gaps and strengths in the industry.

NetSupport, along with host Russell Prue and a range of industry experts and educators, have gathered together to discuss and debate the following topics:

  • The new ‘normal’ of teaching and learning
  • School digital strategy – evolution and impact
  • Industry and educators’ reactions and responses to recent events

Meet some of the speakers involved …

Caroline Wright – Director General of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA)

Bob Harrison – Former Principal, School and College Governor, member of Ministerial Education Technology Action Group

Bukky Yusuf – Senior Leader and Co-Chair of the Department for Education’s EdTech Leadership Group.

Al Kingsley – Managing Director of NetSupport, Chair of two MATs

Martin Baker – CEO of One Team Logic (the makers of ‘MyConcern’)

To watch The Big Education Debate – Part 4, click here.