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Tell us about SUNY Orange County Community College

SUNY Orange was founded in 1950 as the first county-sponsored community college in the State University of New York system. The college has earned its reputation as a pioneer and innovator in meeting the needs of its students and the area it primarily serves. SUNY Orange was the first two-year college in the nation to offer the associate degree nursing program and studies in electron microscopy; and in 1982, the college was the first community college to plan and co-sponsor with local chambers of commerce a business institute.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

We were interested in finding a solution to help us control our computer labs across our campuses. NetSupport School allows us to have more control over how the students use the devices during class time.

How has NetSupport School helped your school?

NetSupport School gave us more control over the students in the computer labs allowing us to ensure students are focused and on task. Having this solution improves student engagement as it allows us to be
sure students are not straying onto other tasks.

Why did you choose NetSupport School?

We have been using NetSupport School for several years and we find that NetSupport School is a very effective tool for the classroom, allowing better management and control of the classroom.

Would you recommend NetSupport School to others?

Yes, we’re happy with the software and have not had any issues.