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Our recent NetSupport Radio broadcast saw education experts coming together to discuss the hottest topics in the industry right now. Despite the contributors and radio host, Russell Prue, being dispersed across the UK and the Middle East, the discussions flowed as if they were all in a studio together.

The future shape of edtech

Taking part in the first conversation about what edtech might look like in the future, were Al Kingsley (MD of NetSupport and Chair of an academy trust), Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist), Traci Good (Online Safety consultant) and Deborah Millar (Executive Group Director of Digital Learning Technology at TEC Partnership).

The main points of conversation in the chat were based around the transition to remote learning in the current climate, how some schools have found the reliance on technology easier than others, and how some schools have even seen an increase in attendance because of the changes.

School digital strategy, the dos and don’ts

A segment of stories and experiences from different schools, this part of the show featured contributions from Olly Lewis (Assistant Head Teaching & Learning at an International School in Abu Dhabi), Linda Parsons (Educational Technology Lead, also in Abu Dhabi), Abid Patel (IT Director at Leading Learning Trust), Ben Whitaker (Curriculum Manager & Digital Solutions Lead at Burnley College), Mark Anderson and Al Kingsley.

Here, our speakers talked about the changes in approach to teaching and learning and what they’ve learnt in the transition from the classroom to online. This segment also featured a pre-recorded interview with Lord Jim Knight, who contrasted today’s education digital landscape to the work he did as a Minister in government in 2009-10 to promote equality of digital access.

Supporting student and teacher wellbeing

Now more than ever, wellbeing is in focus and a deterioration in mental health brought about by the isolation of lockdown is a worry for schools – for pupils and staff.

Contributing to this topic, we heard from Kelly Hannaghan (Wellbeing Associate), James Donaldson (Dean of Learner Journey at Cardiff and Vale College ), Sarah Griffiths (Deputy Head at Caterham School), Professor Jonathan Glazzard (Professor of Mental Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion in Education at Leeds Beckett University) and Henry Platten (founder of GoBubble and eCadets).

This was an interesting segment, full of initiatives and ideas for communicating with students, staff and parents, planning for the ‘future normal’ and the reintegration of students and staff into school life.

You can listen to the full broadcast here or click the links bellow to listen to the separate podcasts:

Future shape of edtech

School digital strategy, the dos and don’ts

Supporting student and teacher wellbeing