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It was great to hear the edtech experiences of different schools in NetSupport Radio’s recent live April broadcast.

The topic of ‘school digital strategy’ featured contributions from Olly Lewis (Assistant Head Teaching & Learning at an International School in Abu Dhabi), Linda Parsons (Educational Technology Lead, also in Abu Dhabi), Abid Patel (IT Director at Leading Learning Trust), Ben Whitaker (Curriculum Manager & Digital Solutions Lead at Burnley College), Mark Anderson and Al Kingsley.

Olly and Linda explained that their respective schools had each been shut for the past five weeks, so they had had to immediately switch to learning online. Both discussed how their schools had made the transition and talked about the changes in approach to teaching and learning. Recognising that online learning is quite different from being in the classroom, Olly said that they had learned that “it’s quality over quantity and less is more.”

From a technical perspective, Abid recounted how his school had made the transition to cloud-based solutions via quite an eventful route – and pointed out that it’s really important the schools ensure staff have sufficient training on any edtech in use in the classroom.

Commenting on the whole lockdown situation, Ben said, “What’s really lovely is about how people have come together…and how amazing the whole community has been at sharing.”

This segment also featured a pre-recorded interview with Lord Jim Knight, who contrasted today’s education digital landscape to the work he did as a Minister in government in 2009-10 to promote equality of digital access.

To listen to this discussion, click here.