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On 22nd April, NetSupport Radio was back with a special live broadcast to explore what’s happening in education during these challenging times.

Expertly hosted by Russell Prue (Anderton Tiger), the first discussion of the evening was “The future shape of edtech: What have recent events taught us about the future of edtech in schools?”

Taking part in the conversation were Al Kingsley (MD of NetSupport and Chair of an academy trust), Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist), Traci Good (Online Safety consultant) and Deborah Millar (Executive Group Director of Digital Learning Technology at TEC Partnership).

Russell kicked off the dialogue by asking whether the future of edtech looks any different now than it did at the beginning of this year. Mark Anderson commented that it has been interesting to see how easily the schools who have been engaging with technology for some time have had quite a trouble-free transition to online learning, whereas those who haven’t are now having to play catch up.

Deborah Millar was asked how that transition had worked in her FE college. She explained that in general, the change to online collaboration and communication is working well – with better attendance and better student engagement, as, amongst other things, technology has created an avenue for quieter students to respond more freely.

With the controversy surrounding video platform Zoom at the moment, Russell asked Traci Good whether online safety was being sacrificed simply to get online. “If we do things safely,” she said, “there’s no reason why we can’t use most of these platforms.” It’s all about using security settings and setting up things to be safe from the start, she explained.

With such a huge shift to online teaching and working, Russell asked Al Kingsley what has changed with NetSupport in that regard. Al described that the remote working for staff has parallels with the discussions going on about online learning – that the reality of remote working has shown great collaboration and dialogue taking place and that, “actually, people have adapted to it really well and the level of communication has increased.”

To listen to the full discussion, click here.