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Did you know that NetSupport and CENTURY have joined forces to offer our solutions to schools free of charge for the next few months, helping them to stay operational during these challenging times. The partnership came about thanks to Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist and respected edtech advocate), who introduced the heads of our companies, Al Kingsley, (MD of NetSupport, Chair of a Multi Academy Trust and Regional Schools Commissioner’s Board Member) and Priya Lakhani OBE (founder of CENTURY and co-founder of The Institute for Ethical AI in Education).

Their expertise, passion for education and the knowledge that we need to act now so that learning can continue have combined to create this unique opportunity.

Remote access and support

In addition to providing classroom instruction and safeguarding solutions, NetSupport also offers a fully secure, remote control solution. NetSupport Manager helps IT teams support staff working at home, and allows staff to access their work desktop, resources and desktop apps remotely. Use for free

Remote teaching and learning

CENTURY’s AI-powered platform creates a personalised learning path for students and is perfect for independent learning. It enables teachers to monitor students’ activity and perform targeted interventions. CENTURY can be set up quickly to provide effective distance learning for schools. Set up your free account