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With the current advice and restrictions imposed by the Government as a result of Covid-19, we’ve all experienced a sudden change in what we know as our normal working life. This is especially applicable to apprentices across the country, including myself – trying to find new ways to balance and maintain high quality in both our college coursework modules and fundamental work for employers.

Moreover, with an apprenticeship still acting as a learning journey, it is important that I continue to enhance my knowledge and abilities as time goes on. Getting any assistance or quick tips has now transformed from simply asking someone in the office verbally, to sending a chat message or asking them via online calls.

Fortunately, NetSupport is a provider of solutions that are ideal in this type of scenario, and was able to make the transition from office to home working with relative smoothness. It has actually been interesting to see how well the business functions even in these concerning times, with everyone still acting as a solid team and ensuring communication is consistent and clear.

In terms of submitting the qualification modules, the basic formula remains the same – logging into the online system OneFile, writing my answers, finishing sections and sending them off. The biggest change in this regard has been the prevention of actually meeting with assessors in person, which is normally a good time to reflect, sort out queries and discuss progress. However, this can all be done online too, meaning development isn’t hindered.

I have no doubt that my apprenticeship progress will continue even in these times, and I look forward to the future!

Jack Fountain, NetSupport Marketing Apprentice



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