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The start of my apprenticeship journey came around rather quickly – I was approaching the exam season period of my A-Levels and was still unsure of my next move. While I had applied to multiple universities, planning to take a combined business and marketing course, I felt my heart wasn’t fully in it and it didn’t suit who I was as an individual. The careers advisor at my school asked me where I had been for work experience in the past, and this reminded me of how much I enjoyed the placement I took back in 2018 – this being with the marketing department at NetSupport. After chatting back and forth with NetSupport for a while, I was offered to join the marketing team and study a Level 3 Social Media for Business course – I took the opportunity as quick as I could!

I started my apprenticeship in September 2019, and struggle to believe March of 2020 has already come around – these first months have really flown by. The welcome and support I have received from NetSupport has been great, and considering I was very inexperienced with the majority of the software used, the team have taken all the time needed to provide me with both in-depth inductions and little pointers along the way.

It’s also been great for my roles and responsibilities to increase over time, meaning I’m always busy and learning as I’m going – the staple idea of an apprenticeship! Just a few of my tasks include writing news items and creating their supporting images, writing reports and analysing social media in the edtech sector, as well as enhancing/creating product brochures.

Moreover, I find it particularly good how 20% of my working hours are spent allocated to completing the qualification itself – it makes it super convenient and relatively straight forward to keep a good work-coursework balance. I also find the modules interesting, as they match the interests I had back at school, meaning some of it is familiar and some isn’t – allowing me to both expand on knowledge I already had and develop new knowledge elsewhere.

I look forward to the rest of my apprenticeship journey and can confidently say I have no regrets looking back!

Jack Fountain, NetSupport Marketing Apprentice



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