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How is the software currently being used in your organization?

NetSupport School is installed on the school’s local servers and on the teachers’ Windows computer stations. Students are required to connect to the classroom, allowing the teachers to monitor their screens – which also helps with class presentations by being able to view their screens. The software means that teachers can be mobile in the classroom while ensuring the students are on task.

What challenges you were trying to solve?

The school was trying to address an issue with lack of transparency on its students’ devices and staff were interested in seeing the content on the students’ Chromebooks in a real-time setting. With NetSupport School, they now can now remote into their computers to see what the students are doing in real time. This was the only software that they found to support all their needs.

How has the software helped you?

NetSupport School has helped improve accountability of the devices that it manages and provides a more dynamic view of how they are being used. Having the software in place has also helped increase interaction with teachers and students’ content, allowing for better student engagement.

How and where has NetSupport School added value?

This software has helped add value by allowing for more efficient management of Chromebooks and increasing accountability.

Would you recommend NetSupport School to others?

Yes! By way of cost comparison, NetSupport School is reasonably priced and does exactly what it says by helping manage Chromebooks more efficiently.

Can you sum up the product in three words?

Efficient, transparent, and accountability.


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