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How is the software currently being used in your organization?

Our teachers use NetSupport School in their classrooms to help increase their students’ focus and engagement. They enjoy the ability to connect with students and direct the lesson from the front of the class. They have found this has helped to increase students’ focus, as everyone can see what to do on their own screens.

What challenges you were trying to solve?

The district began looking for solutions many years ago, before 1:1 was common amongst schools, and had tried various products before coming to NetSupport School. Initially, it started using LanSchool, but found the install was difficult. It switched to Impero afterwards, which was great for the first year, but did not meet expectations the second year. Next came a switch to Borderless Classroom technology to monitor students, but this didn’t work consistently and would drop kids out. This eventually brought us to check out NetSupport School.

How has the software helped you?

Schools are often driven by what the classroom looks like and the teachers enjoy being able to monitor students’ screens to keep them on task. Plus, NetSupport School is easy to use and accessible for teachers.

How and where has NetSupport School added value?

The features our teachers really enjoy using throughout the school are the monitoring tools, pushing files, and restricting websites. These have been very useful in keeping students on task and increasing engagement.

Would you recommend NetSupport School to others?

Yes. Our district has tried many solutions, but NetSupport School seems to be the best for our needs, is cost-effective, and user-friendly.


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