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Tell us about Leigh Academies Trust…

The Leigh Academies Trust is a large trust of what will soon be 30 schools, with a mix of secondaries and primaries across various locations including a Central Kent cluster, Dartford Cluster, Medway Cluster, etc. We also have SEN schools and satellites within the secondaries.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

We needed a helpdesk system that is mobile and could be configured to our needs.

Why did you choose NetSupport ServiceDesk?

NetSupport ServiceDesk is a web-based product and it can be configured to work for us. We have set processes which ServiceDesk needs to work in line with. We can also set holidays and SLAs. The price was also competitive at the time of purchase.

How is the software currently being used in your organisation?

We use it to log all our IT support issues, GDPR and website design tickets. We support over 20,000 users, so it is a busy helpdesk. The number of helpdesk operators is 48 – and growing. All the IT support staff have operator access to pick up all issues and fix in a set SLA framework. We also run Power BI to extract reports from the service desk to meet our unique needs.

How/where has NetSupport ServiceDesk added value?

It has helped us keep an accurate log of all issues that come into the helpdesk and it allows us to update the user through the ticket and run reports showing that we have fixed within the SLA or, if not, why the ticket breached. Other departments have also started using ServiceDesk to keep track of their work streams and requests. We have recently started using it to keep track of Subject Access Requests coming into the trust as well.

How have you found working with NetSupport?

I have found working with Peter for support very productive as he knows our system from the start and can normally resolve issues quite quickly.

How does NetSupport ServiceDesk compare to previous solutions you have used?

I was new to operations management and serviced delivery so this was my first install from scratch, and I would say it was a success, considering the current system at the time was not mobile web based and kept crashing. In addition, it did not update users or have any facility to run off reports.

Would you recommend NetSupport?

Yes, I feel it does what it says on the tin. I do feel it has the pricing right and the support is always good.


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