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eSchool News features NetSupport School in their ‘10+ new products at TCEA’!

eSchool News is an outlet covering education technology in all aspects, from legislation and litigation to best practices and new products. Recently, eSchool News wrote an article based on their experiences at TCEA, an event hosted for educators and decision-makers to interact with edtech suppliers and share visions for the future of education. The article named ‘10+ new products at TCEA’, features NetSupport School, our award-winning classroom management and instruction solution, on their list!

The article mentions NetSupport School’s ‘selection of flexible formative assessment tools’, highlighting the ability to use ‘structured testing’ methods with automatic scoring, as well as the more ‘informal classroom discussions and surveys’. eSchool News also remarks on how NetSupport School ‘gamifies the lesson, encouraging participation and competition’ – helpful for teachers trying to keep students’ attention.

eSchool News summarises NetSupport School as a classroom management solution to ‘help maximise the benefits of technology-led teaching while supporting all students’ learning styles’.

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