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Thursday is the perfect day to look at some more of the interviewees from NetSupport Radio at Bett 2020…


Chris Castelle, E2BN

Chris Castelle spoke to NetSupport Radio about cybercrime and how it is affecting schools.

He explained that the very nature of being connected to the internet leaves everyone vulnerable to abuse from criminals. “[It] is increasing everywhere and schools are getting hammered,” he told interviewer, Russell Prue. “Nobody is 100% secure – even businesses. Blackmail campaigns and these kind of things – their data can be frozen and they’ve been asked to pay a ransom.”

He went on to explain that sometimes there is a lack of reporting form schools because they don’t want it to affect their reputation. However, without a true picture of how many schools are coming under these attacks, the subject won’t be given the attention it needs.

Listen to Chris’s interview here.


Deb Lyons from Bolton Local Authority

Bolton Local Authority is one of the few that still supports IT for schools across its area. Deb Lyons has been responsible for recently rolling out an authority-wide project that will see primary schools using the Learning by Questions (LbQ) app.

Chatting to NetSupport Radio, Deb explained, “Our role is to look at resources: check whether they will do what they say, benefit teachers, easy to use, will it engage the kids?” With LbQ, it seemed that a lot of the time, the students were enjoying the lessons, were engaged and learning, without it feeling like hard work.

As LbQ is a high-quality resource and so easy to use, it has saved time for teachers and reduced their workload.

Listen to Deb’s interview here.


Martin Bailey talks about EduFootyAid

EduFootyAid is teams of teachers playing football to raise money for charity. Martin Bailey took a few minutes out to tell Russell Prue and the NetSupport Radio listeners about it.

Established two years ago, it started after a Twitter conversation that took place after a Soccer Aid match – and went from there. It aims to improve mental health for teachers by creating a community around football and also raises funds for Mind, the mental health charity.

Listen to Martin’s interview here.