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Here is our second spotlight on some of the great education-related radio interviews that took place on NetSupport Radio (powered by Anderton Tiger) at Bett 2020…


Gary Spracklen, Headteacher of Prince of Wales School

The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester’s motto is, “Where we are all inspired to learn”. Headteacher, Gary Spracklen, chatted to NetSupport Radio to explain just how this is put into practice.

With the belief that “learning doesn’t stop”, the school provides a wide range of activities for its pupils, to inspire them in all sorts of situations. So, whether it’s forest school learning, cooking or using resources online, the students are given opportunities to develop real interests that motivate them to learn. To ensure this pattern of learning is ongoing, Gary explains, “Sometimes we can get stuck in looking too much at the past and remember when we did [a certain thing]. But we actually need things that are going to have an impact right now. We need to be reviewing and building continuous programs to inspire the children we’re working with at the time.”

The school has worked hard to involve parents in their children’s education and enjoys great support form the community – to the extent to where some parents have continued to lend their specialist skills to the school, even when their own children have left. This success is attributed to making them feel welcome in a place where they aren’t going to be criticised and engaging with them at different levels.

Listen to Gary’s interview here.


Genna Ash, Editor of Education Technology Magazine

Education Technology Magazine is a free subscription-only monthly magazine featuring all the latest news, opinion, and event information form the entire edtech sector.

It’s Editor, Genna Ash, spoke to NetSupport Radio about the big topics being discussed by its readers and explained that, over the last year, cloud technology and personalisation have been the most mentioned.

With numerous schools looking to streamline their processes, many are very interested in the cloud, particularly as it enables learning at any time, but also saves them money on licensing and support. Genna added, “VLE is a talking point in terms of personalisation and its ability to adapt to each learner. It also supports the flipped classroom model, so I think we’ll be hearing more of this not just at Bett, but throughout 2020.”

Listen to Genna’s interview here.


Andrew Tidswell – Director of International Professional Development at Discovery Education

Andrew spoke to NetSupport Radio about Discovery Education’s curriculum advisory work with Ministries of Education across the world; helping them reflect on what they’re providing and to support the vision that each one holds for education within their countries. He explained, “Because we are external to countries and not a local stakeholder, we can bring the right kind of informed and impartial advice to help them inform their decisions.”

An added benefit of this work is that it can help the UK to make progress too. Andrew said, “Once we start to look outwards, it helps us to look inwards and reflect to solve our local problems.” He went on to describe how, in Egypt, 45 local trainers had been trained who had subsequently cascaded knowledge to 150,000 teachers across the nation, to enable them to deliver the country’s new primary curriculum.

Listen to Andrew’s interview here.