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 Dr Ger Graus OBE and Global Director of KidZania, talks to Russell Prue on NetSupport Radio about KidZania and his upcoming talk at Bett 2020.

He explains, “It’s KidZania’s 20th birthday and we now have 30 cities for children globally, with a plan for another 20 or so in the next 10 years. KidZania is a city for children aged 4-14, where they can practice, think, dream and aspire about the world of work.”

As an immersive world with 80,000 square feet of aeroplanes, operating theatres, television studios, radio stations, football stadia, and so on, Dr Ger Graus asserts that the most important thing is that once you enter KidZania, the children are in charge.

At Bett 2020 on Thursday 23rd January in the main arena at 12:30pm, Dr Ger Graus will be discussing ‘Building a Creative Approach to Social Mobility,’ This stems from global research by KidZania and the OECD and highlights the need to differentiate between schooling (i.e. children being taught) and education (i.e. experiences and learning by doing).

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