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Dr Alison Clark-Wilson joins Russell Prue on NetSupport Radio to discuss her roles, education passions and talk at Bett 2020.

As a former school maths teacher, teacher trainer and researcher, Alison is currently working at University College London, using existing research to support edtech entrepreneurs in understanding whether what they are developing is going to have the desired impact – as well as teaching them how to generate their own research.

Alison explains, “So many people are having to make decisions on which edtech to bring into their professional practice or learning – and how do you know which to choose? At the heart of this question is the research and evidence which we need to get better at both generating and understanding, so we can make some sensible decisions.”

During her talk about ‘The Billion Dollar Edtech Question: Can We Prove it Works?’ at Bett on the Professional Development stage on Thursday 23rd January at 11am, Alison will cover what people think research evidence is all about, the formats and contents different people need to make better decisions – plus, some practical tools and insights.

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