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NetSupport Radio’s host Russell Prue recently caught up with Dr Neelam Parmar, Director of E-Learning at Ashford School, United Learning, ahead of her three Bett 2020 speaker slots at January’s show.

Dr Parmar gave Russell an overview of her background in digital innovation, pedagogy and teaching and learning – plus an overview of each of her talks.

Firstly, she spoke about the importance of schools having a digital strategy. With technology being such a large part of learning, a digital strategy is critical to ensure that money is spent wisely and any solutions that are purchased have their place in a long-term plan. In her talk at Bett on Wednesday, 22nd January (11-11:30am in the School Theatre) , she will outline the benefits of using a key performance indicators (KPI) framework so that schools can see their progress towards their digital goals – ensuring they reach them in a sustainable way that fits with all of a school’s stakeholders and satisfies financial, operational and teaching and learning aims.

Dr Parmar explained that her second talk will be a joint one with Abid Patel, IT Director from the Leading Learning Trust, on Thursday 23rd January 4-4:30pm (in ‘Professional Development’ – South Hall). Together, they will discuss the value of improving understanding between school teams – for example, the IT team and the teachers – so that they can have productive conversations about what they want and need from their edtech and how they can work together to achieve it.

In her talk on Friday, 25th January in the Bett Arena at 4.30-5:15pm, Dr Parmar will talk about the book she has produced with her colleagues at United Learning to counteract the negative connotations around the use of technology by younger users; giving tips and ideas on how we can all use it more positively, whether we’re students, teachers or parents.

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