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Today (Monday 16th September) is National Teaching Assistants day! It recognises the valuable contribution Teaching Assistants make to the education and support of school children across the UK. Helping to celebrate this annual event, schools are having staffroom parties, presentations and much more!

Recognising the value of TAs in the classroom, the NetSupport School Tutor Assistant app (an extension to the traditional desktop Tutor application), delivers the freedom for a TA to move around the classroom while still being able to monitor and interact with the class, individually and as a whole. Features include blanking screens, locking student mice and keyboards, monitoring activity on all student computers, controlling internet, application and printer usage as well as identifying when a student needs help.

The Tutor Assistant app is available for free on Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

To find out more about the day follow #nationaltaday.