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Did you know that 39% of businesses know that they are overspending due to unnecessary printing costs?

According to a report by Oki Systems UK, 44% of SMEs spend over £10,000 on printing alone! But what’s more alarming is that they acknowledge that much of their printing is unnecessary with 39% highlighting it contributes to budget overspend.

To help combat this occurring problem in companies, NetSupport DNA (the award-winning Network and IT Management solution) includes a high-level Print Monitoring feature which provides a full overview of printing activities and indicative costs across the entire company.

Individual printers across the company are automatically identified and, from the central console view, costs for printing (black and white, colour and so on) can be assigned either globally or against each different printer. Where required, printers can also be excluded from the view.

Using this overview, companies can see exactly what they are spending on printing and identify which printers in which departments/offices are spending the most. 

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