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March 2019 marks the end of my apprenticeship journey. The years of study and determination have paid off. Why? Because now I have achieved my Level 2 & Level 3 Business Administration NVQ and have achieved and displayed many other qualities in personal development. It’s not been that much of a sugar-coated journey at times and I have had to face up to responsibilities, especially at such an early time in my career, but the feeling of achievement is settling.

Now, I would like to now see how far I can go within my career and how far I can push myself for the future. I am prepared to win some and loose some, whenever and wherever that may be, to reach my end goal.

I would like to say thank you…

Thank you to everyone that has shown support, have dedicated their time, their determination and their specialised efforts to both current and ex colleagues. Managers, assessors and everybody else who have given me this great opportunity of progression and to allow professional growth.


Jake Goddard – Business Administration Apprentice




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