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Tell us about your school…

Walker Riverside Academy is an 11-18 inner-city comprehensive school that is the first secondary school in our new and growing MAT. We currently have three schools in the group, but in March, that will expand to five. In total, the MAT will provide education to around 1,900 students.

What are some of the main IT challenges you faced pre-NetSupport DNA?

Before we installed NetSupport DNA, we found supporting devices remotely difficult, due to the lack of centralised tools to do this. We knew that our eSafety monitoring was not as good as it could be – and we knew our asset tracking needed to be improved.

How has NetSupport DNA helped at the school?

DNA is the first solution of this kind (other than Internet filtering/reporting) that has been used in the school. Now, we can remotely access any PC across our site in order to diagnose faults quickly and fix them much more easily than before. It has also given us a greater insight into any eSafety issues that may be occurring throughout the school, but that may not be picked up by filtering we have in place. Most helpfully, NetSupport DNA is able to quickly run reports to assist with asset tracking, so now we know exactly what we have and where it is located.

How have you found the remote support tools in NetSupport DNA?

Excellent! We’ve found NetSupport DNA’s tools to be superior to those available in SCCM (which is what we were using previously), plus, they are much quicker and more reliable, which means our team is much more efficient.