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Tell us a little about your school…

Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Maryland, serving low-income students in the DC area.

How is NetSupport Manager currently being used in the school?

We are currently testing NetSupport Manager in our Computer Lab. Once we proceed with the license purchase, we will install it in our Library.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

We need to have a classroom management solution in place in our Computer Lab and Library [NetSupport Manager is supplied with NetSupport School components] – and tools available for the IT department to deliver remote support to users.

Why did you choose NetSupport Manager?

We like the features and user interface the most and, as it is so easy to use, it should work well in our Library. The IT department is currently the only department at our school that could benefit from the management side of the software.

Where and how has NetSupport Manager added value?

We love the controls that the product offers. We feel that we will benefit most from being able to see what is happening on each computer and that we do not necessarily need to be in the room but can check from our desk if needed.

Would you recommend NetSupport?

From our use of the product so far, we would certainly recommend NetSupport Manager to others.