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Tell us a little about your organization…

Clemson University was founded in 1889 and is a science- and engineering oriented college dedicated to teaching, research and service.

How is NetSupport School currently being used at the university?

We are using a new digital center for testing that allows students to take their exams in a secure technology-led environment. We use NetSupport School to restrict access to the internet and monitor students during tests.

What challenges you were trying to solve?

Our main requirement was to find a solution that could help us monitor multiple students’ workstations in a test environment and ensure the integrity of the exam.

Why did you choose NetSupport School?

NetSupport School was recommended to us and we chose it mainly due to it being easy to use and, importantly, as it is cost-effective for us as a university. We also appreciate its multi-platform

How and where has NetSupport School added value?

The solution is pretty easy to set up, as well as being easy to use. We find the tools flexible – and it saves us money, which is a great advantage. We would certainly recommend NetSupport School to others wanting to use it in a similar situation to ours.