NetSupport Radio was back for the 3rd year running at Bett 2019! Our host Russell Prue had a very busy first day at Bett interviewing a variety of visitors and exhibitors at the show.

Kicking things off, Russell first spoke to NetSupport’s very own Al Kingsley who summed up what’s happening at Bett 2019 for NetSupport including the 30th anniversary, new product releases, the presentation area on stand D120, and the release of the Online Safety Almanac in partnership with Henry Platten.

Al said “At NetSupport we’re about creating a space where people come together and share. People might assume that you come to Bett to buy stuff but for vendors as well as business it’s about learning and sharing and having a good time, which is what we intend to do this week.”

Next up Russell spoke to Tony Cann, founder of Promethean, about his new offering Learning By Questions.

“In October we launched Learning By Questions and its really got off to a terrific start. It allows the teacher to teach and the young kids to answer questions on their tablets. If they get them wrong, they get feedback and can answer again. If they get them right, they’re moved onto more difficult questions. The teacher can see everything that’s happening and intervene in real time and really help them. And of course, no marking, no searching for questions. It really is one of the answers to lightening teacher workloads.”

Russell also chatted to Craig from Viewsonic about moving into the IFP (Interactive Flat Panel) segment, Sal McKeown and Anna Pedroza about their hints and tips for interest and coverage at Bett 2019, DF Robot about their opensource hardware and robotics, Kat Cauchi about ReallySchool new classroom observations features, and Ben Whitaker from ANME about raising the profile of the ICT team in schools.

Later in the day Russell interviewed Karin Bjerde from Kognity, a global publisher of intelligent textbooks.

Karin said “We not only have textbooks with interactive contents such as videos, animations, graphs, etc. it’s also data driven, and platform driven. We have our own platform that we host the books on, and it also registers all the data that is naturally generated when the student’s study with their textbooks that are cloud based. This data constantly provides students with feedback on what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what they should be studying so they can become independent learners and increase their knowledge retention. Within our platform we have also embedded assignment functionality that’s automatically corrected for the teachers and the students can also do exam prep. It’s everything in one go rather than having 15 different logins.”

Russell then chatted a number of guests including Mark Anderson about his Periodic Table of AR and VR Apps for iOS, Ian Roe from GCSEPod and Matthew from Cardinal Wiseman School about new updates to GCSEPod and how it’s used in a school setting, Alina Toderascu from Cypher Learning about Neo LMS, Sam Warnes from EdLounge about the work they do to help homeless and less fortunate people get an education, Henry Platten from Gobubble/eCadets about the NetSupport Online Safety Almanac, and George and Jade from The Young ARIAS about the new young people’s radio awards in connection with BBC Radio and Kiss FM.

Next up Russell spoke to Will Few from Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) who gave an overview into the work they do.

“We exist to remove images and videos of child sexual abuse material. We think we’re there for the victims, so that we’re able to identify and remove any image, any video of their abuse from the internet. Our thought is that anytime someone views an image or a video of child sexual abuse its that’s victim being revictimized so that’s what we’re trying to stop.”

Will also provided a frightening statistic that IWF found from their research last year – “105,047 URLs were removed from the internet last year that were confirmed as containing child sexual abuse images.”

Russell’s final guest was Ben Whitaker from EduFuturists discussing his podcasts that help teachers find tools, solutions and people to network with through interviews with leaders in the education section.

To listen to the radio show and catch up on what happened during the week at Bett 2019, click here.