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Tell us about your school…

We are a Multi Academy Trust with one secondary school for students aged 11-19 and two primary schools for pupils aged between 5 and 10.#

What are some of the main IT challenges you faced before installing NetSupport DNA?

Schools need to provide a safe online environment for their staff and students, and, prior to installing NetSupport DNA, our main challenge was being able to monitor whether staff and students were using the IT facilities safely.

How has NetSupport DNA helped at the school?

NetSupport DNA has helped at the school in lots of ways. First of all, it allows us to monitor users’ behaviour, whether that is what applications they’re using or the time they’re spending on different websites.
For technicians, it’s great for delivering remote assistance and saves us so much time. In addition, the fact that we can see the hardware and software inventories of each machine means that we can instantly see their capabilities and are able to maximise their use.
It also helps us to make our network extra secure by allowing us to select how USB devices are used. We can authorise certain ones or simply block others, which helps prevent the spread of viruses.
NetSupport DNA helps us save money by scheduling an automatic shutdown of IT resources during holiday periods, plus prevent automatic start up at these times too. It’s an excellent piece of software that does what it says on the tin – and more!

How has NetSupport DNA helped with supporting your safeguarding efforts?

NetSupport DNA has proved to be invaluable in supporting the safeguarding of the children in school. It has assisted with tracking users and alerting staff to any suspicious or self-harm behaviour.

NetSupport DNA includes NetSupport School classroom management. What do you find are the main benefits to teaching?

NetSupport School allows our teaching staff to control student workstations both from a monitoring and assistance perspective. It helps them to see the students who are getting on with their work, as well as others who may be distracted or struggling.

What is it like working with NetSupport?

It’s a very professional organisation where nothing is too much trouble. Assistance is very good and given in a timely manner, plus the support staff are very knowledgeable of their products and do everything to help with any issues raised.

How do you see your NetSupport solutions supporting the school’s IT into the future?

As time progresses, we will be rolling NetSupport DNA out to our primary schools, which I hope will allow us to educate the children in the safe usage of IT facilities.