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Tell us about the Property Registration Authority…

The Property Registration Authority (PRA) is the State organisation responsible for the registration of property transactions in Ireland. Our role is to provide a system of registration of title ownership to land, which is comprehensive and readily accessible. Our mission is to safeguard property rights and aid property transactions by maintaining and extending a comprehensive system of registration of title in Ireland and promoting its use.

What were some of the main IT challenges you faced?

We have six separate office locations across the country and, before we installed NetSupport Manager, it was difficult to support them all as well as we wanted to. We really wanted to find a reliable solution to connect to each one securely; one that would allow us flexibility in terms of the functions we could carry out.

Did NetSupport Manager help you to meet those needs?

Yes, absolutely. NetSupport Manager helps us to support all of the offices from a central point, which is so much easier and less time-consuming than having to send technicians out to visit the various offices when issues occurred – and allows us to work more productively than we did previously. NetSupport Manager has also allowed us to access PCs remotely and securely, and view them as “the user” as opposed to as an “Admin user” – enabling us to solve problems much quicker.

How has NetSupport Manager contributed to your department?

NetSupport Manager is much more structured than our previous solution and works well at an enterprise level. It has saved money for our organisation and the IT team’s time (particularly on site visits!) – and because it’s intuitive and easy to use, it has greatly increased our productivity. It’s a great product – and easy to use and license. We’d certainly recommend it to other organisations.

What do other staff think of NetSupport Manager?

Both users and support staff alike are delighted with the improvements made by implementing NetSupport Manager. We can see us using it to support our IT well into the future.

What is it like working with NetSupport?

We haven’t yet needed to contact the Tech Support team, but the pre-sales support was excellent!