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Tell us about City of Dublin ETB…

We are a Government Education and Training Board, funded by Solas and the Department of Education and Skills. We operate over 50 centres consisting of schools, colleges, youth reaches and various support centres like curriculum development, psychological services and so on.

What were some of the main IT challenges you faced?

Because of our lack of quality IT support staff, every task was more difficult than it should have been. We knew that we needed a solution to communicate with all staff simultaneously, but we just needed to find one.

Did NetSupport Notify help you to meet those needs?

Implementing NetSupport Notify has been extremely useful to us being able to communicate with colleagues when the primary communication medium is down. It’s quick to send messages and they are seen immediately, which is great.

How has NetSupport Notify contributed to your organisation?

NetSupport Notify is the only solution of this nature that I’m aware of. We’d definitely recommend it to others to try, if they want to make sure that end users have seen their messages. It has helped us to be more efficient in getting alerts out there and read and, because it’s a mass messaging system, it has saved us a lot of time.

What do other staff think of NetSupport Notify?

For us, NetSupport Notify is a ‘peace of mind’ solution more than anything else. My IT colleagues are comforted by its presence on our network. It will also help in situations where you want to ensure an end user has seen a message – email is unable to supply that. It’s good!