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My name is Abbie Cosgrove, and I’ve just recently started working at City College Peterborough as a Receptionist Apprentice. When I was in secondary school, I unfortunately was signed off so I didn’t get to complete my GCSE’s, I did however go on to study at Peterborough Regional College and got my maths and English and science. Looking for work was extremely difficult as I couldn’t find anything that was interesting to me and I wanted to do as a career, so I started looking online to see if I could further my qualifications whilst also working. I found this Business Admin apprenticeship online and I applied as I believe that a Business Admin apprenticeship is one of the most beneficial apprenticeships I could do, as I would get work experience and a qualification.

My first week was very interesting and there was a lot of information for me to learn. I was really nervous at first but everyone has been so welcoming and made sure that I knew that I could contact them if I needed any help. I have been working along side Evelina who is the previous apprentice and she has been showing me how to do everything. Her and Helen have been very supportive and are always there when I have a question.

After my apprenticeship I hope to work in another business environment and I know that this apprenticeship will help me achieve those goals.



Abi Cosgrove, Business Administration Apprentice at City College Peterborough



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