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Tell us about Arden’s Fine Foods
At Arden’s, our aim is to make life more delicious. We are a family of foodies who love great food and have travelled the continent to bring you irresistible nibbles that will delight and satisfy your taste buds.

What were the challenges you were trying to solve?
Our only method of communicating with networked users previously was with e-mail. This was not a reliable method and often involved over-communicating with users who were not in the building at the time required. Therefore we needed a solution which was effective and efficient.

Why did you choose NetSupport Notify?
The product deployed very easily and without any disruption to users. The first they were aware of it was when the first message popped up! The product is not over-engineered – it does what we need and keeps things simple.

How is the software currently being used in your organisation?
We are able to send instant communications direct to desktops without filling up e-mail inboxes unnecessarily, as the messages from Notify pop up on the screens and must be acknowledged before they disappear, ensuring the user has seen it.

How/where has NetSupport added value?
The help from NetSupport was friendly, helpful and efficient.