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I officially only have one NVQ unit left, I have some that still need a little bit of evidence work to make them complete, but there is only one unit left that I haven’t actually started. Written work has made up a large part of my qualification, with only a few exams. I have always preferred written work, as I like taking my time to work on my answers, and being able to edit them if I don’t feel confident in what I’ve written. I also feel that written work involves less pressure than exams, which makes it feel easier.

The qualification side of my apprenticeship has been the easiest part for me, as I was used to an environment with high intensity academic work. I have actually found the pace of the NVQ work refreshing compared to the workload of university. The information I have been needing to complete my written modules has been very different to my comfort area, which has challenged me at times, but the work itself I haven’t found difficult. I have had more than enough time to get my modules complete, and overall have felt very satisfied with the NVQ aspect of my apprenticeship.

Sophie Nizynski, Business Administration apprentice at City College Peterborough



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