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As well as the work to be done on the day job, there is also work to be done on the… night job? Well, that all really depends on how you look at it and most importantly, how you want to look at it.

So, I think of it this way; the apprenticeship is spilt into two pieces, one side is your day to day, filing, data inputting, document producing, phone calling and desk work from nine to five. The latter being the NVQ. That’s your qualification and that’s what it is you’re working towards and that is only done (at a good pace) if you can find the “balance”. When I mentioned night job, I meant tackling your assignments and outstanding tasks AFTER work. Wait what! Yes, I did just say after work. You may get time to complete your NVQ during your working week but that’s not always possible and why I like to get my work done at night.

For me, at night is when the creativity comes out and that’s when it is at its peak. And as it’s at night it’s quieter and no one’s around and everything is in your own domain. And if you’re like me, you may find that you can stay ahead, well ahead.

This is often called burning the midnight oil.

You do this, all of a sudden, your NVQ workload depletes in size. That way you won’t have to do it during working hours and then you will have more time to work on other stuff. Put aside two nights a week, that’s all it needs. Just a few hours during the evening just to keep yourself ticking over.

You’ll be holding that well-earned NVQ certificate in no time.

Jake Goddard, Business Administration apprentice at City College Peterborough




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