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I am now in my last week of my apprenticeship and I have learned so much and gained a lot of experience, which has really helped me to prepare for my future and to go further with my career. I have learned how to answer telephone calls professionally, respond to customer emails, print & scan documents and use other office equipment. I have worked with some amazing members of staff, who have taught me so much and have been great to work with. I have been given some fantastic opportunities here and I have had the chance to deal with challenging situations which have helped me to improve and now I feel confident dealing with those situations.

As part of my apprenticeship I have passed my Level 1 Maths, Level 1 English, Level 1 ICT and level 2 Diploma in Business Administration and I have already received my certificates. My following step is to move to London and carry on working in office environments as an administrator or in similar opportunities. I am looking forward to this huge step and I think lots of teenagers are going through these same steps, aiming to get higher in their career. This apprenticeship gave me the start of my future and I just need to fill my time up with different work experience to work out what is going to be my future.


Evelina Bebrisa, Business Administration apprentice at City College Peterborough