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My name is Rebecca and I am currently working towards a Level 3 Business Administration course at NetSupport. Since starting my apprenticeship at NetSupport, I have settled in well and been made to feel very welcome. My team have been very supportive and helpful.

The apprenticeship here appealed to me as the company is local, had a competitive salary and it would give me the chance to gain a qualification while getting experience in the work place. I’d also be able to expand on my qualifications as I already have a level 2 business administration qualification. I found the apprenticeship advertised on www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship.

On my first day at NetSupport, I had a tour around the offices, so I had chance to meet everyone. All of the staff were very welcoming, so I felt part of the team straight away. The day was spent settling in and getting everything set up. The team also gave me a good understanding of what my role would involve.

During the first couple of weeks, I have learnt lots of new things and my team members have helped me with training on new systems, product demonstrations and making phone calls. This has helped to give me a basic understanding of our solutions and how they work. I was set a couple of treasure hunt style activities on the NetSupport product web pages and Salesforce. These are websites which I will be using every day, so it was a way of getting a brief overview and understanding of them. I have also been given some product training and an overview of the types of software NetSupport offers to schools and corporate companies.

I am now beginning to talk to all NetSupport UK existing customers ensuring they are happy with our software and the services we are providing them. One of the best things is talking to a customer who is satisfied with NetSupport and happy with our services.

I have really enjoyed the first couple of weeks of my apprenticeship and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Rebecca Lonnen, Business Administration Apprentice at NetSupport




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