Apprenticeships can offer many benefits, here are my top 10:

  1. Gaining experience that may not have been available to you elsewhere
  2. Additional qualifications
  3. Helpful for people who may not have done well in school
  4. Can help decrease barriers to employment
  5. Integrates you into working life well
  6. May lead to a permanent job
  7. Helps you make contacts
  8. You can be given additional training in your role
  9. You receive good guidance about working life
  10. Helps you to figure out which direction you want to go in

My apprenticeship has certainly benefited me in most of these areas. It has helped me get work experience when I couldn’t get anywhere applying for jobs, I have made many contacts in various different places through my apprenticeship, and I have been provided with experience that will push me in the right direction for my ideal career, because I have been listened to by those overseeing my apprenticeship.

Sophie Nizynski, Business Administration apprentice at City College Peterborough



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