Hi everyone,

There have been some new developments since my last post, as I will now be moving to do administration for the Day Opportunities team, starting from the 29th of March. This will be because of staff changes and I am very excited to see what this new role will have in store for me, and while I may be moving to a different team, I still spent eight months working in a community hub for the communities team, which was a valuable experience for me.

Over the course of my eight months working in a community hub, I have had the opportunity to do many things. The most frequent task was working to assist many different people, which I greatly enjoyed and has helped me develop my people skills. I also had the opportunity to organize events, attend meetings and even plan initiatives which would then be put together and delivered in the community.

The last event we held was our third monthly litter pick. We had the idea to organise litter picks after many community members expressed disappointment with the amount of litter in the area. I assisted in gathering the equipment, the safety information and I even chose the routes for each litter pick. Being so involved with a project like this made me feel very good, we even had people thanking us while we were doing our litter picks. My role until now had allowed me to be involved in the creation of projects like this one, which I am thankful for, and now I can’t wait to see what my new role will have in store for me.

Sophie Nizynski, Business Administration apprentice at City College Peterborough




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