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Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport and also chair of Hampton Academies Trust and a local governors’ leadership group, discusses the grey areas within GDPR and what this means for schools, in the latest edition of Primary School Management magazine. Some of the key areas include: Data Protection Officers, penalties for GDPR non-compliance, obtaining consent, data breaches and data discovery.

Al comments, “Over the last couple of months, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the DfE have gone almost overboard in sharing lots of information about what the incoming General Data Protection Regulation means for schools. However, a few grey areas remain. Many schools have been left to interpret vague GDPR guidelines for themselves and decide how best to implement them. This has resulted in confusion and even compelled some to enlist paid-for consultants, who are only too happy to offer their services. Here are several areas where GDPR guidance remains unknown or unclear, and what schools can do to address them.”

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