Since starting my apprenticeship, I have settled in well. This is thanks to all of the customer service team and other members of staff within the college, who have been very welcoming and helpful. I was quite nervous about writing a blog as I had never written one before but with guidance and some really helpful tips from other team members, it has really helped me out and I am feeling more confident with every blog post I write.

Over the last month I have learnt lots of new things and my team members have really helped with training me on new systems and processes. So far I have learnt how to write professional email responses, forward phone calls and how to frank post. The biggest challenge I have had so far is dealing with difficult costumers but I have always had a member of the customer service team here to guide me through these situations and now I feel more confident when dealing with difficult costumers.

Alongside my apprenticeship qualification, the college has placed me on a Safeguarding & Data Protection course, which I found really insightful and will also help me to do the best job I can.  Also, I have completed many tasks to go towards my level 2 customer service qualification along my course which I have now chosen my subjects for. The topics I have chosen are all relevant to my job role within the college and I am excited to learn more about customer service and the role it has within a business.

My highlight so far has been helping customers and seeing them happy with the service I have provided, it feels very rewarding and is one of the best parts of being on reception.


Libby Cooke, Customer Service Apprentice at City College Peterborough



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