In my last post, I talked about a leaflet that I was instrumental in designing which was distributed to homes in the local area. It definitely had a positive effect, as we had people coming into the hub with the leaflet to sign up for courses that they’d read about inside it. It was also interesting having one arrive at my house, as I live in the area that the hub I work in focuses on, and knowing that I contributed to the design.

After my apprenticeship I am hoping to step closer towards my goal of doing emotional support work. My apprenticeship has helped steer me in this direction as I had no job experience at all when I started, and now have experience with community work. I have assisted vulnerable adults, sat in on health and wellbeing courses, signposted people to support services and gained much more relevant experience.

My apprenticeship has also allowed me to do a lot of networking with groups, charities and organisations that will help me after my apprenticeship. I know more about what support services are out there for people now than when I started, and I have contacts in quite a few of them, whom I have been able to ask about their work and how to get involved once my apprenticeship is over. I specifically applied for the apprenticeship in the college communities team as I thought it would help point me in the direction I needed to be in, and it certainly has.


Sophie Nizynski, Business Administration Apprentice




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