My time at City College Peterborough has been amazing. I have had lots of support throughout my time here from my line manager as well as the college in general.

Why did I look for an apprenticeship?

I looked for an apprenticeship as I came home from living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA for a Christmas break after taking part in a scholarship for my Ten-Pin Bowling. After being back for Christmas, I decided that I would like to be back in England and not return to the USA as it was not for me. I started studying a degree at the age of 16 and moved away from my family and was on my own thousands of miles away.

After deciding to stay back in England, I needed to get back into education as the law had changed to ‘staying in education until you are 18’. Firstly, I applied for a Level 1 Performing Arts course which was going to be held by Take2TheScreen but unfortunately due to low numbers the course did not run.

What is the process of the applying for an apprenticeship?

After this hurdle, I decided that I would like to gain a qualification whilst earning money, so I went on to the apprenticeship website and saw City College Peterborough was offering a Business Administration Apprenticeship at their John Mansfield Campus. I was then invited to their group registration where you get more information on apprenticeships and register your interest. In this group registration, I was taken for a 1-1 interview, where the recruitment team could see which role would best suit my personality, work ethic and aspirations.

After discussing the apprenticeships available, they recommended an apprenticeship that was becoming available at City College Peterborough, Brook Street Campus. After the registration, I then left the college and was advised I would receive a call regarding interview dates for the apprenticeships they recommended. Later that week I received a call offering me a job interview for the Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship at City College Peterborough, Brook Street Campus as well as an apprenticeship at a Doctors Practice in Orton. I decided to take both interviews.

The following week, I then attended the interview for the Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship at the Brook Street Campus. I was very prepared for the interview –  I looked at the history of the company, the courses they offer, safeguarding (as it is an education environment) etc.

What happened next?

Later that evening, I had a call from the recruitment team to say they would like to offer me the apprenticeship. I had to take into consideration that I had an interview the following day for the practice doctors in Orton. My overall decision was to take the apprenticeship at City College Peterborough, my gut instinct was telling me this was the one.

Trial Day

As soon as I walked through the door for my trial day, I immediately felt very welcome as all the staff were making conversations with me, sharing their experience they have had at City College Peterborough with me (these were very impressive stories) and this made me feel I had made the right decision.

1 Month Later

After 1 month of working at City College Peterborough, I decided that I wanted to continue my hard work to prove that they could employ me and offer me a permanent position.

5 Months Later

After working at City College Peterborough for over 5 months, I then was offered a permanent position within the customer service department, my goal has been achieved quicker than I thought. This has allowed me to gain lots of confidence within my role.

What would I like to achieve next?

After finishing my Level 2 Customer Service Qualification, I am hoping to complete a supervision and management course which will allow me to progress into a coordinator role within the company.

Overall, I would highly recommend applying for an apprenticeship through City College as they offer all the support they can and help you make the right decision to benefit you in the future. I am currently still working at City College Peterborough to this date.



Rhys Bean, Customer Service Apprentice at City College Peterborough



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