I found my experience as an Apprentice at NetSupport a major help to my working career.

I found out about the apprenticeship through my college and they helped me decide what sort of apprenticeship I’d like to do. I always knew I wanted to work in the computing industry, I just didn’t know which sector. I chose to do an apprenticeship course because I thought it would hopefully give me exposure to different job roles I could pursue.

After I decided which course I wanted to do, the college then put me forward for an interview with NetSupport, where I was met by the Development Director and my possible mentor, who would then go on to look after me during my apprenticeship.

When I got the job for the apprenticeship, the mentor showed me around the building, and started teaching me the basics of the role. I found everyone at NetSupport to be friendly and welcoming.

During the apprenticeship, NetSupport allowed me time to work on the units for the scheme as well as time to learn about the job role. If any help was needed, my mentor or someone was always on hand to give guidance. This helped me keep motivated and aim towards completing my apprenticeship.

For the apprenticeship to be completed, some units had to be selected that may have not necessarily been tailored to the job, but I still found this to be helpful and useful in expanding my knowledge base in the IT industry. For example, there was a unit about hardware, which didn’t fall into the daily job role, however I found it interesting and it helped me understand the inner workings of a PC.

I found the apprenticeship an effective way of still being able to learn but also gaining experience of working in an office environment. The apprenticeship and NetSupport helped me find the path I wanted to pursue in the IT industry: I began in the development department at NetSupport but realised the product services department was more my forte.

At the end of the apprenticeship, I found that the scheme was a good way of showing off my ability to work hard, gain trust and show my willingness to do the job; this then, at the end of the scheme, allowed me to get my full time job at NetSupport. I would say it helped my passion for IT rise and it also helped me grow up and sharpen my skills.

Adam Wallis, NetSupport Software Test Analyst

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